Heard it Through the grapevine?

Niagara Wine Tour Guides is proud to boast our 5 star rating on both Trip Advisor & Facebook! I didn't even have to pay my friends for all of those reviews, I promise.
(They did it for free wine)
Here's some of our happy happy guests who left such nice words on some of our pages and mailboxes! Woohoo! Thanks!


anti_citrite from ottawa, Ontario (on trip advisor)

Took this tour with 4 other couples and had a great time. Now - the people you do these tours with often make or break it - and we did have a phenomenal group - but you have to give credit where credit is due and we take our hats off to Niagara Wine Tour Guides, especially our guide, the lovely Peter, aka Sneaky Pete.

Peter is a hospitable and kind older gentleman with a great sense of humour who demonstrates he really enjoys what he's doing and brings that job to the tour.

We had three stops - the first at Between the Lines. It was our favourite stop of the day as they made it a really unique and entertaining tasting and our host, Dwight, was super knowledgeable and entertaining - and threw a few surprises our way. The entire tour was delighted. You can tell when people love their job and Dwight clearly knows how to engage.

Second stop at Konzelmann. They are well regarded in the area and it was a pretty good stop. Enjoyed a junk food pairing there which added a unique quality to the day.

Last stop was at De Simone - a new winery that opened up about a year ago by its young winemaker, owner, tour guide...Vincent. This young man is passionate about his craft and it shows in every detail of his tasting and your visit to his winery. Look out for this guy - he's going to do big things. His wines are unique, progressive and they work. I only regret not picking up more while I was there.

So - all and all, a positive experience meeting great people, hosted by great people who introduce you to...great people.

Van was comfortable. Tour was a good length. Price was reasonable. 

Thanks for a great afternoon.


Anita H. (facebook)

So amazing!! Dave was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and not to mention hillarious. We had a larger group and I thought that may take away from the experience but it didn't. By the end we were all friends and that's in large part to Dave!!!! Best tour ever!!


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