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Niagara Wine Tour Guides are the premier wine tour company of the Niagara Wine Region.Our Niagara Wine Tours specialise in small personal tours of small personal wineries.Niagara Wine Tour Guides will take you for a very special day out. The reason we go on the tour is because they are fun, a lot of fun. Our number one goal is for you to have fun with us on the tour. Anyone can take you around and drop you off for tastings, we don't. We stay with you for the entire tour. Our guides are the best, literally, at having fun. We laugh, we sing, some have even been known to sniff a rose or two along the way.

All Tour Prices include: All tour & tasting fees, cheese and chocolate platter & Chocolate Icewine Shooter. Amazing junk food pairings, private structured tasting and private production tour. A wine savvy industry professional tour guide, upgraded wines, including top Icewines, world's best award winning wines and round trip transportation.

Meet Dave...


David Paget, Owner

It all began with wine appreciation, well drinking really. Some start out with beer or spirits, others with wine coolers, for me it was always wine. At the age of twenty-one, and in university, I would show up at a keg party with bottle of wine. I didn't know much about what was in the bottle, just that it was wet and made me feel good. Perhaps I felt sophisticated, I can't tell you how many girls would ask about it, what a great conversation starter. I don't come from a family who even drank wine, not with dinner or ever really. A bottle of something in a built in basket was the norm to take over to someone's house. My former roommate and I would buy a bottle everyday to have with dinner, we would write on the bottle, really good, or bad hooch, our rating system never caught on, but it got the job done. After a year we had to move as the empty bottles had overtaken the top of the kitchen cabinets.


Fast forward some twenty years and I found myself in Toronto with in a stressful job and not enjoying life. I saw an ad for an intro to wine course offered at a local college and signed up. I still knew nothing about wine, but I learned why a Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a salmon, may not be the best idea (the oil in the fish mixed with the tannins in the wine makes it taste like metal.) I passed the course, I wasn't sure after the first night where we tried 19 wines.( I had to leave my car and take the subway home.) I went on to complete advanced wine courses and Sommelier training and am a member of The Court of Master Sommeliers.  I still like wine, even after all the training and tests and I still like all my junk food pairings. 

Three years later I had moved to the heart of wine country in Niagara and had a new career as a Wine Tour Driver. I really was living the dream. I decided to go out on my own when I realized that I liked small Niagara wine tours much better than large ones.  I like listening to you, I like answering your questions. I am passionate about our area and I think that the small intimate tour is far superior to a large one. With the purchase of a Tour Van in 2013, we started taking family and friends around and by word of mouth our philosophy has spread. What I aim to do on tour  is deliver the very best experience you can have. We will live up to and hopefully exceed, the expectations of every single tour guest, every single tour.

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