starts at 1pm daily

Tour includes: All tour & tasting fees. Yummy cheese and chocolate platter. Chocolate Icewine Tasting. Amazing junk food pairings. Private structured tasting and private production tour. A fun, wine savvy industry tour guide, who stays with you. Upgraded wines, including top Icewines!! World's best award winning wines. At least 15 to 20 Samples. Round trip, from your door transportation (Niagara Falls or NOTL)

sip & Dine tour schedule
tours resume april 1, 2018

  • 1:00 pm. - Niagara Falls. - 1:30 pm. Niagara on the Lake. Guest Pick up from your Accommodation

  • 2:00 pm. - First Winery, Structured Tasting, Cheese and Chocolate Platter, Chocolate Icewine Tasting.

  • 3:15 pm. - Second Winery, Private Production Tour, Planned Picture Event, Private Tasting and Junk Food Pairings.

  • 4:30 pm. - Third Winery, Shift into Super Tasting, Sparkling Wine, Icewine, Take time to browse.

  • 5:15 pm. - Fourth Winery, Tasting only Estate and Reserve Wines, Mystery Wine Tasting

  • 6:15 pm - Niagara on the Lake. -  Drop off for dinner. Full 3 course a la carte with wine!!

  1. 8:15 pm - Niagara on the Lake. - 8:30 pm. Niagara Falls. Guest Return to your Accommodation.


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$169/person + HST

What to expect...

Our small group Sip and Dine Wine Tour provides a social and light hearted way, to savour the best experiences offered in the Niagara Wine Region. This wine tour visits smaller, intimate wineries and includes a five cheese and chocolate platter and gourmet dinner, all expertly paired with the wines, as well as the services of an experienced and entertaining tour guide.

 Our Niagara Wine Tours wine and dinner tours,  start earlier than most companies, we will pick you up at locations in Niagara Falls around 1:00 pm and Niagara on the Lake around 1:30 pm. This will give you enough time to have a terrific morning, enjoy lunch and be ready for your exciting evening out. We get to the wineries later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds. We get quieter, better service by starting earlier, including private tours of the production facilities and a visit to the vineyard to say hi to the grapes.

 We will have lots of time for pictures, of course you want everyone to share in your special day, our guides are only too happy to take pictures at the wineries, in the vineyard, in front of the barrels, riding the barrels, we try not to judge! For our engagement couples and anniversary couples and those who are celebrating birthdays, we will make sure you have lots of photos to remember your Niagara wine tours special day.

 We will do a structured tasting at the first winery, no you don't have to worry, it is easy and fun. We will explain finally why people really do swish and swirl and examine wine before having a sip. We will pair five wines, including ice wine, probably the best one in Canada, and possibly the world. Known as the 'Gold medal winner dessert wine of the year', it really doesn't get much better! All the wines we taste are specially selected. The wineries showcase their better wines for Niagara Wine Tour Guides, so you will taste the very best the region has to offer. We do this as we want to be known as the best tour there is, and to be the best, you visit the best wineries and you taste the best wine.

 We will do a private tour of an award wining facility, where you will learn how wine is made, how it is stored, and bottled. You will be able to ask questions of the Tour Guide, and they will do their best to answer. We try to mix the tour up so you get a nice blend of touring and tasting. We don't want to stand around at a tasting bar at each location, we want to walk around and see why each of the wineries are different, and how they make the wines that they do. That is how we are different than other tour companies, we actually tour the facilities.

 Our evening tour comes to an end around 5:30 or 6:00 pm, when we stop for dinner. This is a good thing, remember, you have been going since 1:00 pm or so. You need a chance to relax and especially to eat. After trying so many wines, at least Fifteen to twenty, eating is a good thing. We finish with a gourmet meal at one of our partner restaurants. You will be hungry, tasting wines is hard work, some think it's easy to go around all afternoon tasting, but you have to be in good shape, phew! You will be served a delicious three course meal, including an appetizer a main course and a dessert. Did we mention that you will get a full glass of wine, perfectly paired with your main dish? All costs of the meal are included in your booking with us, the taxes and gratuity are included. Now if you order an extra bottle of wine for yourself, well that would be extra, but amazing!! Dinner is usually complete by 8:00 pm or so and we will have you back shortly after, full of excellent food, excellent wine and terrific memories.

 You will be glad you booked your evening out with us, I guarantee it! I hope you have enjoyed reading about our very special Niagara wine tours Wine and Dinner Tour. We love what we do here, it shows on the faces of those who take the tour. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ's page to see if we can answer them all, or just give us a call. We look forward to seeing you on the tour in the very near future!!